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Provenio Litigation LLP celebrates successful Vacation Scheme for aspiring legal professionals

Provenio was thrilled to host the first week of our annual Vacation Scheme. The first of our 2024 Vacation Schemes, held from 17 June to 21 June, hosted four talented attendees who engaged in a variety of work and activities, providing them with invaluable insights into the legal profession.

Vacation Scheme attendees from left to right: Maya Tajuddin, Jonny O’Shea, Cherry Wa Wong, and Molly Ashcroft.

Throughout the week, the attendees had the opportunity to work alongside our legal team on live cases, gaining hands-on legal work experience as well as listening to presentations on various topics and learning more about the Graduate Solicitor Apprenticeship undertaken by trainees at Provenio. The attendees then took part in an Assessment Day to interview for a role as a trainee at the firm.


Emma Charnock, Partner at Provenio, commented on the success of the Vacation Scheme:


“We are proud to support the next generation of legal professionals through our Vacation Scheme. The enthusiasm and dedication displayed by the attendees was truly impressive, and we look forward to seeing their future contributions to the legal field.”


Provenio remains committed to nurturing talent and providing valuable learning experiences that bridge the gap between academic studies and professional practice. We are welcoming a further four attendees to our July Vacation Scheme today, and look forward to continuing with our programme of events with our partner universities.


Register your interest in future early career opportunities by emailing


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